For the upcoming MoMA Studio: Sound in Space (Oct. 3 to Nov. 24), we are collaborating with artist Carmen Papalia to organize a series of Ear-Cleaning Tours which will take place on November 15. During these tours, Papalia leads a group of participants who are wearing earplugs to a number of noticeably different acoustic environments in the Museum and guides them through various focused listening exercises. 

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Carmen Papalia is a social practice artist who designs experiences that allow those involved to expand their perceptual mobility and claim access to public and institutional spaces. Often requiring trust and closeness, these engagements disorient the participant in order to introduce new modes of orientation. Each project that Papalia undertakes is a temporary system of access, a gesture that contributes to a productive understanding of accessibility. His work makes visible the opportunities for learning and knowing that become available through the non-visual senses.  

If you are interested in seeing more of this artist’s work, we encourage you to go see CARMEN PAPALIA: LONG TIME NO SEE now on view at the Cue Art Foundation from September 7 to October 12, 2013.

Visitors to this exhibition are met with the following words as they depart: Get to know someone who identifies as being disabled. The relationship should be long term, meaningful and reciprocal. If you have trouble finding someone call: 778.886.0150

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