How do our digital interactions translate into real, physical experiences?

In today’s social media and technology absorbed world, questions such as this one are both pressing and complex, so opportunities to explore them in concrete ways are valuable in many respects. One project that does just this is a public art and social media initiative called U R QR, created by artist duo LoVid.

U R QR, which takes place this weekend on Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23, explores the territory between the digital and the physical by creating a collective, human QR code. Over the course of the 2 days, the artists and their collaborators will take photographic portraits of participants with a portion of a QR code painted on their face; after the event, the artists will compile the portraits into one composite, functioning code, which will be displayed as a public art work. All portrait participants receive a limited edition, interactive artist book.

To sign up for a portrait sitting, visit the registration page, or to experience the project, stop by South Street Seaport between 12 and 6 pm on Saturday or Sunday.

This event is one of the many exciting and free things going on in the next few weeks as part of the River to River Festival: check out all of the offerings online here!

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