Have you ever wondered what type of preparations go into creating a Gallery Conversation? Or have you thought about what works and ideas you would discuss if you were to lead a tour of an art Museum?

Last month, as part of our Roving Gallery Conversation series, museum educators Larissa Bailiff and Paula Stuttman invited visitors to think about these very questions in the Painting and Sculpture galleries. In conversational exchanges with visitors, the educators explained that they were working on putting together a tour that focused on Minimal and Conceptual works and asked for advice on what types of questions or themes they should include. One topic that came up repeatedly was the question of what role the artist played in the creation of the work; both the educators and the visitors agreed that this subject was an important one to cover while dicussing these types of works, since both movements deliberately questioned the notion that the artist’s “hand” must be present in an artwork.

This Roving Conversation offered a specfic way to look at the works in the galleries. What do you think; how might this way of considering artworks as a part of a thematic conversation change the way you experience the art and the museum on a whole?

On your next visit to MoMA, look out for our museum educators in the galleries; through conversations with them and your fellow visitors, your encounters with artworks can take on entirely new dimensions!

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