On Wednesday, February 13, museum educator Jennifer Gray dove into the  the exhibition 9+1 Ways of Being Political: 50 Years of Political Stances in Architecture and Urban Design  to stage a hands-on intervention.

While sharing insights about the architectural designs and drawings that are on display in the exhibition, Jennifer invited visitors to both sketch aspects of works on display and draw their own ideas for a well-designed city, public space or housing complex. Since it can be hard to understand the processes that go into designing and rendering such spaces, drawing exercises like this are helpful ways to engage with this type of subject.The second photo shows one visitor’s architectural drawing; can you tell what they designed? How would you approach the prompt of sketching your own ideal city?

Next time you’re in the Architecture and Design galleries here at MoMA, keep your eyes out for our roving educators or try sketching some of what you see on your own!

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